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beth swanson

the minisculity of precision dancing with the ambiguity of flow.

that’s how life is.


we make planned, intentional steps and choices, and it must interact with the maelstrom of the everyday and then we figure out how to present this dichotomy to the world. 

wedding dress art

cherish your dress in a new way


interested in turning your wedding dress into a work of art?

let's chat! 

pricing starts at $2 per square inch, factors that contribute to price increase

($3-$4 per sq. in) is dress complexity/ intricacy and quick turnaround 

Thanks for submitting!

42% off painting sale

sanctuary series

this sculptural fabric series evolved from the desire to capture the essences of our beds. It's where we are our most vulnerable, safe and secure; it is our sanctuary. These pieces embody both cozy and sexy.

deconstructed series

this is a series of works that are brought to life by being ripped apart, shredded, pieced back together, stitched over and are better off for it. Natural dyes from cottonwood, grass, butterfly pea flower, dandelion, along with the synthetics of acrylics, spray paint and latex paints. Because no-one is any one thing and it's often the things that have destroyed us that make us more whole.


this collection embodies the notion of our everyday choices interacting with the calamity that is living. How then we have to figure out how to carry it all together. What this means to me, and what it looks like on a painting? Huge splattering movements juxtaposed with intricate details.