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This is a faith exploration. There are 7 rows of ‘shcircles’ (my non circle/square shape) in both directions. Symbolizing the way our faith can/should/has to/struggles to/sometimes feel impossible to lead us in every direction/decision/path/relationship. Then the black shcircles repeat over the white in charcoal, which is a very dusty/ashy medium and a reminder of how infinitesimal we are, yet through the work we do in our family, our impact last generations.

infintesimally sacred, too

SKU: 366615376135191
$1,100.00 Regular Price
$638.00Sale Price
  • 36 inches tall

    36 inches wide

    2 inches deep

  • shipping via fedex with signature required will vary based on location and speed and covered by the customer. Plan for roughly $100-200

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